Shoe Care

BarkSole have been the leading shoe repair bar and shoe care product outlet for more than 50 years. No matter whether you need a new heel for your favourite pair of stilettos or a set of insoles for your hard work brogues you’ll find a solution with us.

We offer a pick-up and delivery service and many minor repairs can even be undertaken while you wait or while you shop.


Shoe Care Products

Barksole Canal Walk stocks a wide range of shoe care products and polishes. Ask our professional staff for advice on how best to treat your shoes – be they trainers, school shoes or your favourite pair of high heels. We’ve got just what you need to maximise the life of your favourite shoes.

Dasco Waxed Oiled Spray
Plush takkie polish
Plush leather dye

Shoe Stretching

Shoe Stretching available

If your beautiful, new, expensive leather shoes are too tight we can help. We stock state-of-the-art leather stretch sprays and our one-piece two-way stretch machine is designed to create more room for a comfy fit.

Remember, however, shoe stretching cannot make the wrong size shoe fit and doesn’t change the actual size of the shoe. Shoe stretching only provides more room in an uncomfortably tight shoe.

Please Note:

Stretching does not make shoes a size bigger – it only makes tight shoes more comfortable!

Shoe Repairs

Shoe repairs

Barksole has more than 50 years experience in fixing and repairing all styles and makes of shoes. We undertake a wide range of stitching and can replace or repair soles and heels. The broken zips on your favourite boots are no problem and all and we can even install ladies D-tips on your high-heel shoes, narrow shoes that are too wide for you and shorten those terrifying stilettoes your bff convinced you to buy. No matter your shoe repair requirements we’re here to help.


We have the widest selection of shoelaces in all lengths, thicknesses and colours. Whether you need laces for your new sneakers, favourite work shoes or your kids’ school shoes we’ve got what you need.